2 Players
15 – 30 Minutes
Ages 8 +
NATO Cards 18
China Cards 18
6-Sided Dice 12
Product Info
Release Date July 20, 2018
5.75x2.75x0.875 in.
Product Code M15426002B
UPC Code 759321849293
MSRP $14.95

NATO and their allies

Defcon Dice: Mutually Assured Destruction is the follow-up game to Defcon Dice.

Created to add a third- and fourth-player to Defcon Dice, it was popularly requested by fans of the first game wanting to play with a group larger than just two.

Mutually Assured Destruction is identical in card and component count to the base game and can act as a stand-alone game.

Stratagem of War

This luck-based game has a surprising amount of strategy all wrapped up in a quick fifteen to thirty-minute game.

Defcon Dice was designed for two players. However, with the released expansion, up to four players can slug it out in a battle royale or tournament-style game.

Set in the cold war, players will play as either the United States or the Soviet Union. The Cold War backdrop provides the cards’ flavor and design ascetics. However, it does not affect the game’s mechanics in any way.

Cooler heads will prevail.

Just as with the Cold War, Defcon Dice has ended. When Andak acquired Button Man Gaming’s catalog, we were forced to make difficult decisions. Defcon Dice required a custom-built box, and we’ve run out of inventory on the boxes. The last remaining decks are available as-is, with no box.