2 Players
20 – 30 Minutes
Ages 8 +
Wilderness Cards 18
Aquatic Cards 18
Product Info
Release Date April 1, 2021
2.35x3.6x0.91 in.
Product Code M15426009-1
UPC Code 759321849309
MSRP $7.99

Wilderness Dice is back! This time as a ‘Bring Your Own Dice’ edition. This version shares all the classic gameplay of Wilderness Dice, but comes without the 12x 6-sided dice. Being the most common type of dice, it’s our hope that players will be able to go into their collection and snag some dice to play with.

Players who are concerned about having enough dice on hand, we have a 12-pack of dice available.

Wilderness Dice pits two players in a battle to claim dice before their opponent. Each player has a single action to either claim a die or modify it. Players must carefully decide when to modify dice, and when to claim them. Players may also sacrifice dice, keeping any player from claiming them.

The game is played in a series of three rounds. The round ends when there are no more dice to claim, either because players claimed them all – or some have been discarded. Each round players refill their hand back up to six cards, meaning any remaining cards in a players hand hang around until they can eventually claim a die to get rid of them.