Groundhog Day / Palm Springs

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In this episode, Colonel O’Neill learns to speak Ancient, Dean Winchester orders a pig and a poke, Mulder tries to stop a bank robbery, and Buffy is stuck in the magic shop.

Released in 1993, Groundhog Day tells the story of Phil, a self-absorbed weatherman from Pittsburgh who finds himself stuck in the town of Punxsutawney reliving the same day in an endless loop.

Groundhog Day has inspired stories in just about every sci-fi/fantasy franchise, and its only fitting that we revisit the Bill Murray classic again (and again) on the day Punxsutawney Phil searches for his shadow.

Released in 2020, Palm Springs certainly draws inspiration from the 1993 film, but even Jake could tell it wasn’t a remake (don’t trust everything you read on the internet, kids).

We may have broken the format a bit with this one.

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