The Matrix

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I still know kung fu!

In this episode, we let Jake pick the movie and, well…you get what you pay for. Join us as we find out just how deep this rabbit hole goes in the sci-fi classic: Chapter 29…er…The Matrix!

Simultaneously set in 1999 and 2199, an ordinary programmer named Thomas Anderson takes drugs from a stranger and discovers the harsh reality that he’s just a battery for a bunch of self aware robots. Perfectly normal stuff, really.

20 some years later, The Matrix Resurrections reunites audiences with Mr. Anderson who is now a prolific game developer in a world where the Matrix is just a wildly successful video game franchise.

With clever use of stock footage, and a couple recast characters, the 2021 film delivers a story whose status as a “reboot” is questionable at best, but manages to frame the same philosophical themes of the original in a modern context that’s just as thought provoking.

Be warned, though, that this is a spoiler heavy deep dive into the evolution of those themes and the greater meaning of the Matrix franchise. We highly recommend watching the newest film before you take the red pill.

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